WTF is up with Montana Fishburne?

I know that it’s been a minute. I just haven’t had the motivation to write anything lately.
But now, something mind-boggling has come to my attention.
If you haven’t already, take a look at the new B. Pumper and Chippie D video, posted on Youtube, sparking all kinds of buzz.

Now, I’m not one to discourage anyone from a life of porn.
I mean, I consider it a form of entertainment and if that is what you want to do, then by all means, be my guest.
But this here, takes the cake. This story has been circulating for a while, especially in the last couple of weeks or so. All bloggers were commenting on the fact that Chippie D is going into a career of porn, and that she is Laurence Fishburne’s 19 year old daughter.
Apparently, this little girl was not “accepted” in the Playboy world and just decided to say “Fuck it.”
So, she got a huge name to put her onto game.
Yes, people. Believe it or not, Brian Pumper is a huge name in the profession of adult entertainment.
Not many start off that high in the ranks when they first enter into the profession.
Usually doesn’t happen like that
I mean, you would to “fuck” your way up the adult movie chain.
With that being said, I’m not understanding how it can be said that she is doing this simply to be put on
To invest herself in her future, which will ultimately be acting and all that
The reason that I don’t buy this is because she has a FAMOUS father
who must be crying himself to sleep and buying a disposable untraceable phone daily
If she wanted those things, it’s not like he can make it happen.
I think that this must be the first time that someone who is directly related to someone very famous, went into a career of adult entertainment.
And did it so publicly!
I mean, no one had to wonder if the “rumors” were true or not
Don’t she seem proud in the music video with Brian Pumper?
Sure was smiling hard to me
I just think that it’s so degrading to that to yourself and then blame it on Playboy.
What the hell ever.
I think that she was always intending to go into this profession, because she wanted just until she was legal enough to do it
I mean, she is just barely 19 now.
I think that it was her intention all along and she is just bringing her poor father along for the ride
I think that entertainment nowadays is not really based on talent, per say.
It seems to be more of a publicity thing
For instance, when Soulja Boy first came out, no one didn’t know what to expect
I mean, he was just a little boy with a catchy tune
No one really checked into that he was talking about on Crank that Soulja Boy
Everyone had their kids and loved one and grandparents singing it
Didn’t even know how vulgar the lyrics really were
And that he is really talking about having orgasms and shooting them on the women
How degrading is that?
I think that Montana just wants her 15 minutes of fame and after that, she may “come” to her senses and try to do something constructive and less embarrassing with her life.
And probably, in the meantime, she can convince Brian Pumper to give up rapping and music altogether and keep his day job.
I mean, night job.