The Rebirth of True Hip Hop

Last week, I witnessed something.
Something incredible
The rebirth of true hip hop
It was definitely on life support, but Kanye West revived it in a 34-minute short film that pretty much changed my life.
I have always been a pretty big fan of Kanye’s, but RUNAWAY takes the cake.
This man has gone where only one other artist has gone before him.
Kanye is on some MJ shit!

So, I’m convinced.
I am convinced that no one will ever truly get the genius that is Kanye West
I watched the ENTIRE thing, over and over again, afraid that I had missed something, discovering something new and better each time.
I studied it, and I have derived the conclusion that Kanye West is a force to be reckoned with.
His whole creative mind transferred over to beautiful imagery, break-taking cinematography, off-the-wall instances of perfect clarity.
They might as well wrapped it up and take it to the Academy Awards and admit it as a short.
I was so impressed and my mind was so blown.
First of all, I had heard none of the hype surrounding the premiere.
I didn’t know what was coming and when it was coming.
I just happened to be online while it was blowing up on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and every other social network that one can only dream of impacting.
I wasn’t expecting any of that, and when it hit me, it hit me hard.
It was hip hop, the way that I love it.
It was funny and sweet and random and classy and beautiful and everything about it opened up my creative mind.
Not sure if Kayne West sleeps.
And I’m sure that people (the haters) will be giving him grief, interpreting it in their own shallow closed minds, over-analyzing it to mean what they want it to mean.
Never truly paying attention to the art.
It was moving art.
I wanted to laugh and cry and fall in love and I felt every emotion all at the same time.
It was so typical of life.
You meet the one. A challenge is obviously and painfully acknowledged. You receive ridicule for being different. You stick together. You lose the one.
So like true life.

I clenched my chest when Selita’s character talked about the differences between her world and Kanye’s world. So, so very true. Almost controversial, but it didn’t matter. I was so glad to be involved in the process. I felt like I was taking a journey through Kanye’s mind, and we were traveling together and everything felt so familiar. Just brilliant stuff.


The music in this short film was awesome. Hard-hitting lyrics. Melodic beats. Set the mood just right for the entire film. My favorite was the end when Kanye sampled Bon Iver’s “Woods”. I LOVE that song and Kayne killed it! Made it even better. The fact that Kanye knows so many genres of music puts him above anyone else doing hip hop right now. I mean, just off the wall type stuff. And “Woods” only has four lines in the entire song. They are just repeated and Kayne nailed that sampling on the head.

All in all, film was epic.
When the cd drops, that will be epic.
Kanye West is ahead of the game.
He has catapulted himself into a place that I never thought that I would see him.
The visionary
The artist
The musician
The director
The creative genius
Selita Ebanks is about to get SO much exposure.
I love the fact that Kanye uses every resource that he knows.
He is good at recognizing talent and what works and what doesn’t.
I mean, she was absolutely beautiful as the Pheonix.
I love the action. I love the sweet “Charlie Chaplin” moments.
Her costume was outstanding.
All in all, this gave me everything that I desired in life.
I’m glad that I can rest easy knowing that the genre of music that I love so much is not dead.
There are people like Kanye West, who have a true love for Hip Hop burning in their soul, and doesn’t mind taking it all the way to the edge.